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Making an Impression

In our virtual world of computer screens, there is still something refreshing about putting a pencil to paper to write or draw. It’s a simple, direct action of thoughts and imagery flowing from my head to the paper. There is no computer interface to get in the way; no touchscreen; no predictive keyboard trying to guess what word I’m trying to type. It’s a simple act of a pencil touching the paper with no tablet or stylus; no computer chips, batteries or wireless connection to worry about.

Maybe that’s why there’s something about a hand-written note that still captivates me. Going through an old box of handwritten letters from decades ago has a certain feel about it that isn’t the same as reading old emails and posts on a screen. The letters and notes smell old, they look yellowed from time and they carry the impression of the hand of a loved one pressing pencil or pen to paper. Even though the loved one may have since passed, you can still feel their touch on the paper.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but receiving a handwritten note in the mail feels more personal to me than something generated on a screen. I still enjoy the instant communication of email and texting and I know without it, I would not hear from loved ones as often as I do. I also know that you would not be reading this without computers, screens and the Internet. But there’s still something about the feel of paper or a card in my hand that connects differently with people.

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