Pausing Life

Yesterday my granddaughter called on Facetime. She was all excited about her new piano that also has a microphone. She immediately played the keyboard as she sang. It was an uninhibited moment of excitement that she wanted to share. In the middle of a day filled with worries and concerns about life, this precious moment caused me to pause and consider what is really important in life.

Too often life is filled with busyness. I forget to pause and take time to be excited about little things that are actually the most important things in life. To hear her young voice singing out as her fingers played the keyboard was truly a moment of joy. To know she wanted to share her excitement with me was a gracious gift.

It reminds me how we should be careful not to fill our lives so full of concerns that we overlook the little joys. It’s easy to miss these precious moments if we’re too immersed in juggling daily activities. Be on the lookout for little joys today. When you discover these blessings, be sure to share your excitement with others.

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