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Pandemic Lessons

My wife and I booked a trip for later this year which includes airline reservations. Since we booked the tickets, we have received repeated changes to the flight details. The latest revision included a change in airports to another city halfway across the country in the opposite direction of our destination. Fortunately, it was our connecting flight and not our originating flight. It is a relevant reminder that we are still living in a post pandemic world of sporadic shortages.

Before the pandemic we lived in a world where for the most part we could get the things we needed. I must admit I took for granted the vast supply chain that filled our shelves and I certainly under-appreciated the millions of people who worked every day to move all those goods. I also failed to appreciate the hundreds of thousands of people who work everyday to move people on planes, buses, taxis and ride hailing services. Even just the convenience of having a car and roads to drive on.

I can’t help but wonder if years from now I will remember what we’ve went through in the last few years. I hope I continue to maintain a sense of contentment for what I have in life and not focus on what I don’t have or cannot get. I hope I will continue to appreciate the people who work every day to ensure the wheels of our country keep turning. I hope I will still thank the cashier, shout “thank you” to the road worker, thank the delivery person and countless others who provide the goods and services I depend on each day.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Lessons

  1. Oh yes! This period breeds thanksgiving. Even now, we have so many more options than we did when we were growing up, don’t you think? Love this reminder to appreciate what we have! Thanks

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